MBKS Should Review the Waste Management Contract

Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan should review its contract with Sarawak Waste Management Sdn Bhd (Treinekens).

It was revealed by the Auditor General's report that before the privatisation of rubbish collection service, the cost of rubbish collection to MBKS was only RM4.8 million a year. After privatisation, cost of rubbish collection increased more than twofold. MBKS has to pay Treinekens RM8.38 million in 2001, RM10.17 million in 2002, RM11.02 million in 2003, RM10.52 million in 2004, RM9.99 million in 2005 and RM10.5 million in 2006.

The purpose of privatisation was to reduce the financial burden of MBKS but 6 years into privatisation, the costs doubled. It was porposed by the Auditor General that since the contract provides for review after 5 years, it is high time that MBKS review the contract.

I have sent a letter to MBKS requesting for a meeting to discuss the review. Until today, MBKS did not even reply my letter. Nevertheless I will continue to persue the matter and pressure MBKS to review the contract, afterall, MBKS's money is Rakyat's money. When MBKS squanders its money, it will increase its tax on the people to replenish its coffer.

Chieng Jen