Thursday, May 21, 2015

Unfreeze the Accounts, Go for the Ministers

The freezing of the bank accounts of more than 500 companies by the MACC is merely a drama played up by the MACC in its desperate attempt to redeem its dented image. It is merely trying to sensationalise the whole episode of “war against corruption in logging industry”.
Such tactic of “freezing all accounts first then investigate” is not only against the basic due process of the law but it will not give any added assistance to the MACC in the investigation of any case of corruption.
DAP supports all anti-corruption action, but this is not the way to do it. This is merely dramatizing the whole exercise without having any added impact on the true culprits. Worst of all, innocent traders and companies are victimized along the way.
Is such tactic deployed at the MACC’s own accord or is the MACC receiving instruction from the State Government?
With the accounts of 500 companies frozen, how many investigating officers is required to be deployed to carry out the investigation and how long will the investigation last. Does the MACC have enough investigating officers to do the job within two weeks or one month?
To thoroughly investigate a company’s account, the MACC needs at least 3 – 5 officers full-time investigating the company for at least 2 – 3 weeks, more complicated cases will need more officers and time. How many investigating officers have the MACC deployed to investigate these 500 companies, bearing in mind that these officers must at least have some basic accounting knowledge.
In fact, there is no necessity to freeze the accounts of the companies for the purpose of investigation. All money transactions of the accounts are in the record of the banks. With or without freezing the accounts, the records will remain there for investigation by the MACC.
The only valid and acceptable reason for freezing a company’s account is when there is already sufficient evidence to prosecute the company in Court for corruption. It is only then that the MACC has valid grounds to freeze the account of the company in question.
What the MACC is doing now is just casting a big net and hope to get something out of it. This is clearly an abuse of its power under the law and this will cause unnecessary hardship not only to the companies, but all the employees, contractors and suppliers of these companies and their family members. Ultimately, it will put Sarawak’s economy in jeopardy.
Just because the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Adenan is now declaring was on illegal logging and corruption in logging industry, therefore the MACC carry out the blanket order to freeze the accounts of almost all those involved in the industry. This is “persecution”, not “fighting corruption”.
If tomorrow Adenan were to declare war on corruption in the property development industry, will the MACC then freeze the accounts of all the developers? Who will be next? Legal firms, accounting firms, hardware stores, common traders? It smacks of tyranny where rule by man prevails over the rule by law.
As such, I call upon the MACC to unfreeze all the accounts of the companies which at present the MACC has no sufficient evidence to prosecute in Court. This drama should be stopped. The due process of the law must be put in practice.
I further call upon the MACC that if it is serious about fighting corruption, the targets should be on:
1. the Ministers and Assistant Ministers who have assets or money in bank accounts beyond their means. They are the ones who are not supposed to have other sources of income apart from there ministerial allowances;
2. the immediate family members of the Ministers and Assistant Ministers and their companies, whereby government contracts were awarded without open tender and land alienated at far below the market values;
3. high-ranking government officers who has the power to approve contracts and alienation of state land and whose assets and bank accounts are beyond the means of their salaries.

Chong Chieng Jen
MP for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa


张健仁今日文告中指出,反贪污委员会今次如此的大动作,根本就是在“演戏”。 如此大阵仗一次过冻结500多间公司的户口,只是在戏剧化打贪行动,对调查贪污案件没有多大的实际帮助。 更甚的是,它已违反了正常的法律程序,使许多无辜的公司也因此殃及池鱼。
他也质问,如今500多家公司的户口被冻结,反贪污委员会有多少位查案官对这500多间公司进行调查? 整个调查行动要进行多久?
“若要真正详细调查一间普通公司的银行账目来往,最少都要3 -5位调查官,调查2 – 3个星期,而且这些查案官必须拥有查阅公司账簿的基本知识。 如今,有500多家公司的银行户口被冻结,反贪污委员会到底调动了多少查案官?”
张健仁说,如果反贪污委员会要认真调查一间公司的银行户口来往账,它根本就不需要冻结其户口。 这些账目的记录全部都有在银行的电脑档案里,按几个键就能得到全部的记录,之后针对那些有疑问的来往项目再深入调查。 这才是真正的调查贪污。 又何必如此大动作的冻结500多家公司的户口。
张健仁指出,如今冻结了500多家公司的户口,反贪污委员会根本就没有足够的调查官能够在2星期或1个月之内完成全部调查。 最后的结果不是使到这些公司因周转不灵而倒闭,就是反贪污委员会敷衍了事。
“过去反贪污委员会一直强调说,抓贪污要低调调查,才能抓到真正的贪污者。 那为何如今却如此高调,甚至不分青红皂白的‘先冻结,后调查’?”
张氏严厉警告,反贪污委员会的这种行动,不只是对那些被冤枉的公司经理董事股东不公平,遭受无妄之灾的人士也包括这些公司的职员、他们家属、这些公司的承包商和供应商。 影响范围的广泛,最终也将打击砂州的整体经济。
张氏也指出,今天阿德南说要打击非法伐木和涉及伐木业的贪污,反贪污委员会就如此不分青红皂白的冻结大部分涉及伐木的公司。 那如果明天阿德南要打击发展业的贪污,反贪污委员会是否也将冻结全部发展商的银行户口? 接下来又是谁? 银行业(因为大部分钱都是经过银行转账)? 律师馆? 会计师公司? 五金业? 甚至普通商家?
“这种作风不是打击贪污,而是‘迫害’民众。 马来西亚是一个法治的国家,不是人治的国家。 不是因为一个领袖的喜怒和决定,整个执法机构就会不分青红皂白的乱抓人。 应该是有足够的证据了才抓人。”
1. 那些财产和银行户口的存款,远远超越他们薪金的部长和助理部长,因为他们除了部长和助理部长的收入,不应该有其他的收入了。
2. 那些在没有公开招标的程序下得到政府工程和政府地的部长和助理部长的直系亲属。
3. 那些财产和银行户口的存款,远远超越他们薪金的政府部门高官。

Sunday, May 10, 2015

On the main issue about enforcement against illegal gambling centres, the MPP chairman Lo Khere Chiang, has been most irresponsible to say that the Council has no enforcement power.

On the complaint by Voon Siak Ni that my special assistant Abdul Aziz has used some vulgar words (in Tagalog language) on his facebook while commenting on her, I have immediately looked into the matter upon hearing the complaint and requested Abdul Aziz to publish an apology statement on his facebook.
Abdul Aziz did not know the true meaning of those words used by him. But when he was told of the true meaning of such words, he quickly removed the words and also published an apology to Voon Siak Ni and all those who have read the words on his facebook.
Though there may be different political stand and opinion, in no circumstances should vulgar words be used and I will not condone my special assistant or political secretary using such words. I have also given Aziz a very stern warning on this matter.
As to Voon Siak Ni’s threat of defamation action, that is her legal rights and it is up to her to take whatever action deemed fit. Whether the words uttered by Abdul Aziz is defamatory of Voon, that will be a matter of interpretation by the court of Law.
On the main issue about enforcement against illegal gambling centres, the MPP chairman Lo Khere Chiang, has been most irresponsible to say that the Council has no enforcement power.
On 18-11-2013 (one and half year ago), when Wong Soon Koh, acting in his capacity as the Minister for Local Government, tabled the Local Authorities Amendment Bill 2013 to increase the councils’ power to impose fines from RM2,000 to RM500,000, Wong Soon Koh told the Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak that the increased power was to enable the local councils to combat illegal gambling centres more effectively.
For that purpose, the Bill was passed by the Sarawak DUN. Yet, now Lo is telling the people that MPP has no enforcement power.
In light of the words of Wong Soon Koh in DUN, Lo’s statement simply makes no sense.
I have called for the reduction and review of entertainment licences in DUN and Adenan has promised to look into the matter. He has also asked for a bit more time for the Government to tackle the problem.
Had it not been Lo Khere Chiang, on 1-5-2015, trying to bully YB Christina Chiew by making baseless accusation against her, I would not have brought the matter up in the press but to wait and see what Adenan will do.
Nevertheless, the recent exchange of words in the press is also a blessing in disguise. It exposes Voon Siak Ni’s “press consultant” role for MPP chairman Lo Khere Chiang when it comes to drafting press statements to attack DAP.
It is good that this covert relationship be revealed to the public and that we DAP know where we stand when it comes to dealing with these two persons.
Whether Lo will act against illegal gambling outlets or not, it is his discretion. Since the matter has been brought up in DUN, we will follow up in the next DUN sitting. At the end of the day, it is Adenan Satem and Wong Soon Koh who will be answering on this issue in DUN.
Chong Chieng Jen
MP for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa


张健仁说,即便政治立场的不同,他也不会允许其助理或政治秘书使用粗俗和肮脏的字眼。 因此,他已给予阿都阿兹非常严厉的警告。
张氏指出,当他昨日当面质问阿都阿兹是否知道有该关粗话的真正意思时,阿都阿兹表示知道是骂人的话但不知其真正意思和粗俗的程度。 当阿兹知道后,他也立刻撤掉有关字眼,随后也在其面子书刊登道歉启示。
“至于温夏妮是否将采取法律行动起诉阿都阿兹,这是温夏妮个人的权力。 而有关字眼是否会造成诽谤人格成分,这则是将由法庭去诠释。”


“该法案也在2013年当天被通过了。 但是,今天罗克强却告诉人民市议会没有权力取缔非法赌博中心。他的言论和管市议会的地方政府部长黄顺舸在州议会的言论,自相矛盾。”
张氏指出,毕竟阿德南已表示将关注这问题并要求一些时间去执行。 再多4个月又要在召开州议会了,到时我们还是可以当面对质跟进这问题的。 而地方议会的失责问题,到时阿德南和黄顺舸还是要在州议会给予一个交代。
“但是,罗克强却自揭疮疤的跑去攻击周宛诗,指责周宛诗不应该在州议会提出这问题。 为什么罗克强如此不爽周宛诗在州议会提出这问题? 不过他这样做是欲盖儞章,越描越黑。”
张氏表示,塞翁失马焉知非福,这一次的报章上针对这问题的一轮攻击,对古晋人民和行动党也有一个额外的收获。 那就是它暴露出,原来公正党的温夏妮,是人联党的罗克强发文告攻击行动党的幕后“新闻稿顾问”。 相信在马来西亚政治史上,一个执政党领袖所发的新闻稿先由一个在野党领袖审查过后才发给报馆,这还是首宗。
“就连温夏妮的解释也前后有出入。 几天前她才说是帮罗克强求证国州议员的薪金数目,今天她又说只是帮罗克强确认是否有诽谤成分。”
张健仁表示,事情发展到今天,讲再多也枉然。 既然行动党的议员们已在州议会针对此问题发表,而阿德南也答应会关注和跟进,那就等到时在来次的砂州州议会开会,看阿德南有何成绩并如何交代。

Saturday, May 9, 2015



对于今日罗克强承认他几日前针对张健仁言论所发的新闻稿,事先有质询公正党的温夏妮求证一事,张氏表示惊讶,一个拥有几十年历史的政党的领袖,居然在发新闻稿前,要找另一个政党的党员质询。 难道人联党内没有人好询问了?


我不是质疑人联党和公正党是不是可以针对人民的问题一起联手合作处理。 我不理解的是,在回应民主行动党的新闻稿方面人联党和公正党却需要互相质询。 这是关系密切的政党才会有的举动。 这绝对不可能发生在一个在朝和一个在野的政党。


公正党和人联党几时走得这么近? 还是两者皆视行动党为共同政敌,因此可以如此的合作愉快,默契十足? 如果是这样,那和伊斯兰党的保守派跟巫统眉来眼去的暗度陈仓,又有何两样?

无论如何,市议会滥发娱乐执照为非法赌博中心的护身符,导致现在非法赌博中心林立,是一个不争的事实。 不论是罗克强,还是温夏妮,都不能否认这事实,将黑的讲成白的。

张氏指责,发娱乐执照是市议会的责任,监督执照持有者是否有违法,也是市议会的责任。 目前的情况是,巴达旺市议会管辖之下的地区(也包括古晋和三马拉汉两地),许多非法赌博中心,都持有‘娱乐执照’。

张氏质问,这难道不是罗克强的失责,还是另有不可告人的隐情。 罗克强有责任向平民百姓交代。

张健仁坚持,行动党议员将非法赌博中心泛滥的问题在州议会提出,是为民请命,把问题带出来讨论。 如何批发‘娱乐执照’,要批多少‘娱乐执照’,怎样监督和执法管制‘娱乐执照’持有者,这些都是州政府政策的问题。 讨论州政府政策的问题,最佳场合莫过于州议会。

罗克强不爽行动党的议员把这问题在州议会提出,因为这直接暴露罗克强的失责。 这是人之常情,自然反应。


张氏说,公正党的砂州主席巴鲁比安也曾在州议会提出林梦毒品泛滥的问题。 为什么温夏妮没有叫巴鲁比安去报警,不应该在州议会提出者问题? 或者,在温夏妮眼中,

Friday, May 8, 2015

Chong: Local councils act like ‘little napoleons’

KUCHING: Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen has called upon the three local councils here – Padawan Municipal Council (MPP), Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) and Kuching South City Council (MBKS) – not to act like ‘little napoleons’.

Chong, who is Kota Sentosa assemblyman, alleged while Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem had pledged to eliminate all illegal gambling activities in the state, the local councils bent the law and issued entertainment licences to protect the operators.
“It is a serious problem but the reason for this is not because the police did not do their job. These (illegal gambling) centres are now protected by entertainment licences issued by the councils,” he told a press conference here yesterday.

Chong, who is state DAP chairman, also accused MPP chairman Lo Khere Chiang of trying to push away his responsibility. On Tuesday, he asked the state DAP to lodge police reports if they know the whereabouts and the operation of these illegal gambling outlets.

“With the entertainment licences issued by local councils, the police could not do anything to stop the operations.”

He also asked Lo: “What is wrong with DAP elected representatives bringing up the issue during the last State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting when it is a problem affecting the people and a real issue on the ground?

“After all, it is the policy of the councils to issue numerous entertainment licences to protect the operation of illegal gambling.”

Chong said instead of being offended with DAP elected representatives for bringing up the issue, Lo should review MPP’s policy, check all the entertainment licences issued, reduce and revoke entertainment licences to curb illegal gambling activities.

Chong said being a politician required a person to know what was happening on the ground. A politician was deemed to have failed his duty when he’s not aware of something that was happening so rampantly.

Chong said it had come to his knowledge that the original message of the press statement issued by Lo came from PKR women national vice-president Voon Shiak Ni.

“It seems like Voon Shiak Ni is helping him to draft the statement. I’m shocked when I came to know of this. Since she has the capacity to represent PKR, I would like to also know the position of PKR in the issue; whether PKR is on the side of local councils to condone all these illegal gambling under the entertainment licence or they are against illegal gambling.

“I hope PKR can make its clear stand on this. Although DAP Sarawak is no longer part of Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak, it doesn’t give any justification for PKR to help BN to attack DAP on this issue.”

While querying whether the statement was PKR’s official stand, Chong said any politician with conscience would know that illegal gambling activities were not good for society as it could contribute to the rise in social and security problems.”

on BorneoPost  May 8, 2015, Friday